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Behavioural Modification


Get the help you need to address the issues causing problems for you, your dog and your community.

Identifying the underlying cause of a problem behaviour is often crucial in working through it. Your dog's instincts and drive, motivations, learning, experiences, reinforcement history and diet can influence their behaviour/s. By understanding your dog's relationship to specific situations, we seek to change their expectations and therefore alter the way they respond to stimuli in their world. 

Clear and consistent communication, meaningful reward systems, effective leash handling and considered management strategies are crucial when engaging in behavioural modification.

We are here to guide you through a well considered approach based on your dog's behaviours and temperament.

Puppy Development


Don't wait! Help your puppy to become a confident, responsive and environmentally stable dog.

When coaching you and your young puppy we deliver age-appropriate activities and concepts to develop the qualities in your dog (and in your skill set!) that will enable you to live a happy and fulfilled life together. These qualities include confidence, engagement with you, a love of learning, independence, problem-solving skills, the ability to cope under appropriate stress, neutrality to varied stimuli and environments, and a desire to play. We also advise on handling skills, appropriate management, and constructive social interactions for your puppy. 

General Obedience and Skill Development


Training for training's sake: help your dog to fulfill their potential, and develop your skill set

We love coaching clients and their dogs in a range of training activities and applications. If you'd like to pursue your training goals and develop your skills with us, please get in touch! We coach from beginner to advanced owners and trainers.


We have been working with Lisa at Reservoir Dogs for around 3 months and it has been a fantastic experience. Lisa has helped us to improve our dog's confidence and armed us with skills and techniques to support us ongoing.

Lisa has set us and our dog up for success and I would definitely recommend a visit to anyone is considering training their pup!

- Sophie with Floki

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