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Reservoir Dogs Melbourne offers a holistic approach to training.  We take into account a dog’s age, temperament, natural motivations, skill set and history, and advise on all aspects of training including the relationship between handler and dog, appropriate outlets for your dog's physical and mental wellbeing, the teaching of behaviours, modification of behaviours, and management of behaviours. 

We help you to:

- understand your dog's behaviours

- respond to your dog's behaviours appropriately

- build your dog's love of learning

- communicate with your dog clearly and effectively

- build your dog's confidence

- build reliable, constructive behaviours

- handle your dog skilfully​

- establish reasonable rules and boundaries for your dog

- address problem behaviours

As well as working with companion/pet dogs, we are passionate about developing expressive and precise obedience performance for dog sports or as a hobby. 

Our Trainers


Scott McConnachie

Reservoir Dogs Melbourne is owned by Scott McConnachie. Scott is experienced across a range of dog training applications and is passionate about helping people develop their puppies and adult dogs, with a focus on building confidence and fostering high levels of motivation, teamwork, and precision in obedience and play. Scott holds a Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training from the National Dog Trainers Federation.

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Lisa Salvo

Lisa enjoys working with clients to strengthen communication systems, expand handler skills and behaviour repertoire, and to develop young puppies. Lisa also handles administration for Reservoir Dogs Melbourne, so you'll likely speak to her when you contact us. Lisa holds a Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training from the National Dog Trainers Federation.


I worked with Lisa from Reservoir Dogs Melbourne when I first got my rescue Kelpie and I cannot thank her and the team enough for helping me build the relationship I have with my pup now. Lisa made each session engaging and educational, keeping my relationship with my pup the primary focus. Lisa was thorough, paying close attention to the intricacies of my dog and her unique temperament, and combining her personality with my lifestyle and my personality. I was amazed, week by week, with Lisa's ability to connect with my dog, and teach me about who she (my dog) is. Lisa gave me every piece of knowledge, strength, hope and understanding for a long lasting relationship with my dog. Lisa was kind, considerate and patient with me, and I am amazed that someone can help me (historically a cat person!) build the relationship I now have with my amazing dog. Thanks Lisa. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! 

- Bea with Reya

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