Our Trainer Scott McConnachie

Reservoir Dogs Melbourne is owned and operated by qualified dog trainer Scott McConnachie.

Scott holds a Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training from the National Dog Trainers Federation. He regularly attends workshops and seminars and has undertaken mentorship with world-leading industry professionals in order to stay up to date with best practices and continue expanding his knowledge base and skill set.

Scott first became involved in dog training 15 years ago when his own dog at the time, Spooky, developed serious inter-dog aggression. Scott sought professional help with Spook and with continued commitment was able to turn things around after years of difficulty. Excited by his new found insight into dog training, Scott went on to work as a dog sitter and walker. His experience and research led to a deeper understanding of dog behaviour and a desire to learn as much as possible about the training craft. Upon completing his accreditation in 2017, Scott officially launched his own dedicated training business, Reservoir Dogs Melbourne.


Reservoir Dogs Melbourne

Our Admin Lisa

Scott's partner Lisa works with Reservoir Dogs Melbourne in bookings and administration, as well as helping with group classes. Lisa has a keen interest in dog training and is currently studying at the National Dog Trainers Federation. 

Reservoir Dogs Melbourne

Our Dogs Penny and Cheza

Scott and Lisa have two dogs, Penny and Cheza. Penny is a young herding cross breed who is Scott's latest sidekick working towards snappy, fast and fun obedience.​ Cheza is the senior dog and is a very effective assistant in helping with inter-dog socialisation. She has helped many dogs with a range of issues from over excitement/arousal to aggression. She's also a herding cross breed. We use both of the dogs in helping with sessions where applicable and their combined skillset is invaluable to much of the work we do.