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Get the best out of your dog

Happy and attentive dog.

Puppy Development

Performance Obedience

General Obedience


Skills Building

Aggression and Reactivity

We are passionate about helping people reach their training goals with a focus on the relationship between handler and dog, as well as building motivation and enjoyment in training. Employing up to date and humane techniques we provide you with practical advice and strategies to fulfil your dog's potential. We work with clients on everything from puppy development and obedience to aggression and related issues. 

Useful, quality and handmade toys and training equipment available to you Australia-wide.

Picture of a dog training toy, ball on a string, that we sell in our online store


Reservoir Dogs is a fantastic puppy and dog training service I couldn’t recommend highly enough. The team bring a wealth of experience, expertise and incredible understanding about the nature and behaviour of dogs. They have completely changed my understanding and interaction with my border collie Lou. Truly it’s about training the owner to better communicate with and meet the needs of their pets, and these guys do just that!!

- Phoebe with Lou


Phone: 0415 653 364

Indoor training facility:
10/148 Arthurton Road 
Northcote VIC 3070

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