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​We work with a wide range of breeds, temperaments and behavioural issues.
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About Us

Reservoir Dogs in Melbourne Australia offers effective, tailored training programs for you and your pet dog. We are passionate about helping people reach their training goals with a focus on better relationships and motivated, happy dogs. Employing up-to-date and humane methods we aim to provide you with practical advice and training strategies to fulfil your dog's potential.

We offer coaching on everything from
puppy development to aggression. 

Online Store Now Open

The Res Dogs Melb retail store was born out of a desire to have useful, quality training equipment easily accessible for our clients. We've now extended this to be available to you Australia-wide. We hope you enjoy our selections and we'll be adding more soon.


Ro with Knuckles

Scott is highly observant and has a really practical approach to training. He’s tailored training with me and my dog to suit our needs and objectives which is brilliant. He’s always ready with a suggestion or another tactic where things don’t seem to be working and has a great approach making you feel comfortable working with him. We will continue to work with Scott and would recommend him highly.

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