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Reservoir Dogs Melbourne offers a broad picture approach to training - we take into account a dog’s history, age, temperament and skill set when devising your training program

We advise on all aspects of training including lifestyle, management strategies, and the relationship between handler and dog.


We provide honest, clear training and behaviour modification advice in a caring and considerate manner.


While some trainers offer a too-good-to-be-true quick fix approach which doesn’t expand the handler’s skill set in training their dog, we provide a realistic timeline for the handler to work to and strive to give them the knowledge and practical skills to develop the dog themselves.


While we focus on pet dog training, we also have an insight into sport dog training techniques, enabling the implementation of a wider range of concepts to satisfy a dog’s needs and desires. This includes building motivation to work by harnessing drive into constructive activities and obedience.


We provide additional support via phone and/or email for clients in between consultations where needed.


"Scott is an incredible trainer. I wasn't sure what to do to help my dog and her complex behavioural issues - I couldn't see it getting better and was preparing for the worst. After 3 sessions with Scott, I am astonished at how much I have learnt, and the improvement in not only Murphy's overall behaviour, but her ability to listen and respond to commands. He has supported me in my confidence as a dog owner. His techniques are all about the positive psychology of the dog and supporting a healthy and loving relationship between owner and dog. Thank you Scott!! Murphy is so much happier and calmer, and so am I! See you at our next session."
- Em with Murphy

Our goal is to provide you with the tools necessary to work with your dog, mould your dog's behaviour, and strengthen the relationship between you and your dog. As such, we endeavour to help you understand your dog's behaviour and coach you in developing your skill set in communicating with and handling your dog.

Although significant progress is often made during our sessions, it is imperative that you the owner/handler continue to practice with the information and activities given to you. Some progress can be very quick, but with more complex issues patience and persistence are often required.


It is impossible for us to cover all necessary foundational information in one session, and practice with guidance is vital to your improvement as a handler. We offer discounted rates for those who would like to book a session pack following your initial consultation. Information and activities will be given to you incrementally to build up your skills in handling and communicating with your dog, and to work to a realistic timeline for your dog's development.

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