Behavioural Modification

Get the help you need to address the issues causing problems for you, your dog and your community.

Problematic behaviour can range from the slightly obtrusive through to the life threatening. Examples of problem behaviour include destructive behaviour, excessive barking and other vocalisation, resource guarding, on and off leash aggressive displays, predatory behaviour and anxiety related behaviour.


Identifying and understanding underlying causes is crucial to working through these types of issues. Your dog's instincts and drive, motivations, reinforcement history and even diet can influence their behaviours. By identifying the underlying feelings and reinforcement history surrounding specific events and situations, we seek to alter the way the dog responds to stimuli in their world. 

Fair and consistent leadership, as well as clarity of communication between handler and dog will play an important role, as will meaningful reward systems, effective leash handling and considered management strategies. Basic obedience will likely be a part of the picture, but with complex issues obedience by itself is unlikely to effect lasting change. 

We are here to help you devise a well considered plan of action based on you and your dog's unique circumstances. As well as being extremely well researched and practiced, we have real life personal and professional experience to draw from when it comes to the more severe end of this spectrum. 


The client's role in behaviour modification is extremely important, and a single consultation is very rarely going to be enough to set you up for success. Meaningful change generally takes place when a client commits to a solid period of learning and puts in the necessary work between consultations.


The sooner you address issues the better, but if you've missed the preventative and developmental training boat it is very likely that is not too late to take action and get things on track towards a happier situation for all concerned. 

Behavioural modification coaching is delivered as a private consultation. For service fee please refer to our pricing page.